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way to keep track of your candidates

Locomotive is a modern software solution for the executive search and strategic recruitment sector. It is a web-based application that is accessible on multiple platforms and devices - it can go wherever you need to go.

Find out how Locomotive is being used by some of Britain's best Executive Search Companies.

  • Tracking

    Find out who's being talking to who - Locomotive keeps a track record of every interaction.

  • Portable

    Locomotive is where you are, whether you're working from your office or on the move.

  • Reports

    Generate candidate reports effortlessly, with one-click export options.

  • Email Integration

    Upload images, PDFs and PowerPoints, just by emailing them to your private locomotive address.

Your Information all in one place

No more back-and-forth emails with co-workers. Locomotive centralises your assignments within your company, so everyone is up-to date.

Worried about paper trails when you are emailing candidates or clients? Locomotive can be synced to email and it will store the email for future reference.

Helping you keep track of your candidate and client relationships on the go

Locomotive is a web-based recruitment database that allows you to manage your assignments from wherever you are using your computer, laptop or smart phone. It helps you remember who you have spoken with, when you spoke to them, and most importantly what to do next.

You can upload images, PDFs and PowerPoints directly from your email, by simply forwarding it to your own private address.

Effortlessly generate Reports, Long Lists and Short Lists

Moving to Locomotive is a breeze - let our experts import your database into the software and you'll be ready to go in no time. From there, locomotive will make generating short and long lists an easy task.

  • Generate Lists in your Browser

    Advanced filtering gives you a great overview of the available candidates that for your criteria.

  • Full overview of all candidates

    Get a detailed overviews of all your candidates - locomotive will record your email interactions, all of their past and present assignments as well as their work history.

  • Export to Spreadsheets

    One-click export your selected candidates into spreadsheet format for easy integration and sharing.

Let Locomotive optimise your workflow:

Locomotive is simple to use - it was designed specifically for the recruitment market so it provides only the functions you need - no unnecessary clutter

You don’t need to worry about losing your data or keeping your application up to date - let us look after it for you.

Have as many users as you need with different access rights as required - Locomotive audits all the changes they have made, including data changed and data added.

Locomotive is web-based. That means you don't have to install or download any software. Its better, safer and smarter than traditional software. No "computer guy" required.

What our Clients say

“Locomotive works intuitively and has clearly been designed with the eyes totally on the end-user. As someone with minimal instincts for the sophisticated use of technology it is still easy to roam around the system without a hitch. We love it.

- Robin Keck, Robin Keck Associates

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